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Is this workout right for you?

Diet Tip #9:

Make a daily diet and workout plan that fits your own lifestyle. It is especially difficult to squeeze fitness into a busy job schedule, but some kind of activity must be included. So try this easy daily starter program that can be used at any time or location with very little effort. You may already be using some of these:


  1. Exercise your arms by lifting donut rings.

  2. Throw your weight around.

  3. Get the ball rolling.

  4. Make mountains out of some mole hills.

  5. Hit the nail right on the head.


  1. Dig through your unnecessary paperwork.

  2. Open a brand new can of worms.

  3. Beat around the bush.

  4. Jump to a few conclusions.

Wednesday: Try bending over backwards.

  1. Jump on the band wagon.

  2. Step up to the plate.

  3. Run around in circles.


  1. Just keep pushing your luck.

  2. Put your foot in your mouth.

  3. Run to the bathroom (the extra water in the diet helps).

  4. Go over the edge.


  1. Toot your very own horn.

  2. Climb the ladder of success.

  3. Pull out the stops.

  4. Add some fuel to the fire.


  1. Climb the walls.

  2. Drag your heels.

  3. Balance the books.

  4. Pick up the pieces.


  1. Think uplifting thoughts.

Whew! What a workout!

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