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Healthy Living Could Be Imperfect

Diet Tip #23:

Who would think that your healthy dieting lifestyle could become an Imperfect Foods choice!

Mine did... Quite by accident I managed to click into the Imperfect Produce website over a year ago, and now they are my go-to (or come-to) for deals on staples. They usually don't have everything you need, but what they have is always fresh\. And it's not just produce. They have meats, dairy, grocery staples and snacks, too. Just choose a food plan, pick your groceries, and they bring it right to your door.

Now, I've discovered their Whole Carrot sister website with recipes (like the video shown), cooking tips, podcasts and lots of good, green advice for individuals as well as businesses.

They may be Imperfect, but a very good choice for me!

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