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Diet food needs cute names, too!

Diet tip #7:

Avoid unfashionable nameless foods because you don't want to gain weight with the wrong crowd!

Names for prepared foods follow several patterns. The most common is naming the main ingredients: almond chicken, creamed spinach, or including the cooking method + the food: poached eggs on toast, chicken and vegetable stir-fry. Another way is to name your food after places like Polish sausages or Belgian waffles. And naming food after people is always popular like beef Wellington and oysters Rockefeller. The food industry even offers products with "light" and "lite" names for those with weight concerns.

So, give your favorite healthy diet foods really amazing and inspiring names. The meals may be little in size, but the name can certainly be big and fulfilling. The best restaurants certainly do this and reduce the portion size for you, too.

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