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Some Goodies Just WINK at You!!!

Diet Tip #19:

If goodies always seem to jump out and wink at you in the frozen foods and baked goods aisles of your market, just carefully choose a market with the right snacks to flirt with... and that's the truth.

I discovered Wink quite by accident. As you can see it REALLY flirts. But with this brand, it's safe to flirt back. They offer 100 calorie pint desserts in a lot of flavors, and each pint of Wink has your health in mind. They use non-GMO, plant based ingredients, so an entire pint can be eaten for the same amount of calories as a large piece of fruit, but with no sugar.

Wink also offers clean keto cookies that don't contain erythritol or butter. They use almond flour, coconut oil and monk fruit instead They are great for keto diets, since these cookies contain an ideal 3:1:1 fat:carb:protein ratio.

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